Flume is a new type of ISP. We leverage fiber and 5G wireless technology to bring internet options to places that don’t traditionally have them.

The Technology

Deployment - Our network leverages dense fiber from a few local NYC ISPs, to create a mesh of rooftops from which we can transmit the internet. Flume will combine this fiber density with next-gen 5G mm wave equipment to bring reliable service to locations that a lot of the other carriers cannot reach. Unlike other carriers who are capacity constrained and need to throttle customers, our network will become larger and gain capacity as we add new buildings and rooftops. 

Trial - Flume is in a trial phase accepting a waitlist of buildings for our deployment. If you sign on with us - we will conduct a free telecom assessment and scoping of your location as well as a rooftop assessment for our network.

We are excited to get started and believe it is time someone solved this issue in NYC once and for all.

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Trial Partners

Customer / End Users

CTA - Link to typeform for filling out suite and customer details.

Landlords / BMs/ Asset Owners

CTA - Link to typeform for filling out building information and getting in touch.


The Service

Reliability - Using dense fiber, we can keep wireless links short and safe from weather issues

Ease of Deployment - The equipment has a very small footprint on residential buildings, often needing less that 5’ of space

Flexible Installs - Flume has a flexible install schedule that is optimize for evenings when you are at home

Easy Setup - Flume provides a home router and an easy to follow customer app that will make setup a breeze

Transparent Pricing - there are no taxes or hidden fees or service bundles, just $70 a month for gigabit internet

Net Neutral - Flume is committed to serving you all traffic equally.